Real Estate Disputes

Advice & Advocacy for Property Owners & Tenants

Landlord/Tenant Disputes

When you have a problem landlord or tenant, you need to resolve the dispute effectively and promptly. Whether negotiating a contract, defending a lawsuit, or suing to enforce your rights, Van Nurden law can help you with your landlord/tenant problem.

Joel Van Nurden represents landlords and tenants in both commercial and residential landlord/tenant disputes. As an owner and manager of rental properties, his real-world experience makes him a better advocate for you.

Van Nurden Law can help with the following landlord/tenant disputes:
• Leases and Agreements
• Evictions and Eviction Defense
• Tenant Remedies Actions and Defense
• Rent Escrow Actions and Defense
• Advice and Counseling Regarding Rental Policies

Real Estate Disputes

If you’re a property owner, chances are you’ll eventually need an attorney’s advice to resolve a disagreement with a neighbor, appeal the decision on an insurance claim, or plan to purchase part or all your property through eminent domain.

Joel Van Nurden works with commercial and residential property owners to resolve real estate disputes, including:
• Property Boundary Disputes
• Neighbor Disputes
• Homeowners Insurance Claim Disputes
• Land Use Disputes
• Trespassing Disputes
• HOA Disputes

Construction Defect Disputes

When you invest money in an addition, renovation, or remodel, you expect the work to be done well and with materials that won’t fail or make you and your family ill. Defective construction materials can lead to costly repairs and a toxic environment.

Joel Van Nurden can help you receive compensation for repairs and damage caused by defective construction materials, including cases involving:
• Structural Integrity
• Mechanical & Electrical Repairs
• Water Intrusion & Mold
• Thermal & Moisture Protection
• Finishes, Windows & Doors

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