Business Disputes

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Contract Disputes

Contracts are an essential part of doing business, whether you’re a solopreneur or employ more than 100 people. Contracts protect you and your business. When you need to sue to enforce a contract or if someone is attempting to enforce a contract against you, contact Van Nurden Law.

Joel Van Nurden can help you resolve contract disputes, including:
• Breach of Contract
• Employment Contracts
• Non-Compete/Solicitation Agreements
• Lease Disputes
• Vendor and Supplier Contracts
• Service Contracts

Employment Disputes

Conflicts with your employees can be stressful and lead to losses in productivity and profits. An attorney can help you resolve disputes with your workers fairly and promptly so you can focus on growing your business.

Joel Van Nurden is your advocate for all types of employment disputes, including:
• Wrongful Termination
• Workplace Discrimination
• Wages & Benefits Disputes
• Retaliation
• Sexual Harassment

Business Practice Disputes

You’ve developed rules, procedures, and methods that help you run a successful business. But sometimes, your business partner or former clients can come into conflict with these practices. You need to resolve business practice disputes quickly so you can continue to keep your business moving forward.

Joel Van Nurden can help you navigate these business practice disputes:
• Partner/Shareholder Disputes
• Ownership Disputes
• Business-to-Business Disputes
• Tortious Interference with Contract
• Tortious Interference with Prospective Business Relations


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