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No two cases are alike, which is why Van Nurden Law is committed to dedicating the time, energy, and resources to understand your individual situation and develop a legal strategy designed to reach the best possible outcome.

Joel Van Nurden is approachable, accessible, and does all your legal work himself. He’ll never screen your call or delegate legal work to associates or paralegals. You can expect to schedule appointments at times and locations convenient for you, including evenings and weekends.

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Working with Van Nurden Law

When you need an attorney’s help to resolve a dispute, you’re already in a stressful situation. Van Nurden Law works very hard not to add to that stress. Joel is transparent about his fees and how he works with clients.

Based in the Twin Cities, Joel Van Nurden works with individuals across the state of Minnesota. Your initial consultation is always complimentary, confidential, and obligation-free. Anything you disclose to Joel during the consultation is privileged and will be held in strict confidence, even if you choose not to work with Joel. In this case, he is happy to refer you to another attorney or let you find one on your own if that’s your preference.

Van Nurden Law’s flexible fee structure reflects Joel’s commitment to personalized service and the idea that quality representation should be affordable. Every situation is unique, and a fair price cannot be quoted until Joel’s met with you and looked over the facts of your case. Depending on the nature of your case, Joel offers flat fees, hourly fees, and contingent fees. Van Nurden Law accepts credit card payments as well as cash or personal check.

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The Litigation Process

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